August 30, 2016

Artist with a Voice: Interview with Amoz Wright

Art can help us escape our troubles, or shed light on the everyday troubles. They bring light upon their perspective of issues in society, life, or politics. We usually turn to art to relax and find a new light or idea on these issues. This is what the artist Amoz Wright aims for his viewers. He creates art that causes a stir and shows appreciation for the black culture and shed light on the oppression. We are in a time where it is crucial to bring light to these events. His work not only does this, but it also brings out the beautiful of these everyday people. Having the chance to interview him, we discussed his art work and a litte more on himself.

August 22, 2016

Welcome to New York: Photo Diary #1

We never get to see the New York through a different perspective unless we search for it. I wanted to capture the everyday setting of my life and new home. The random places and hidden getaways  are becoming a part of my everyday life.  Many people take this for granted, but the people, the culture, and the life is truly beautiful.

Caribbean Style With Tamara Rice

Experiencing fashion from different style personalities is what I enjoy most about blogging. You meet different style enthusiasts who share a passion for the fashion world. From a style group,  I had the chance to meet Carribean blogger & style savvy Tamara Rice. She explains her style needs, favorite designers, and  why more Carribean culture & style bloggers need to surface.

August 08, 2016

Being A Post Grad Taught Me...

We go to school to get a form of higher education and we aim to apply that higher education to future careers or endeavors.  Busting our butts day in and day out for essays, lectures, projects and good grades, we drink ridiculous amounts of coffee and stack up on sugar just to stay alert.  When it’s finally done and after you have your diploma in hand, reality hits you and you realize that that wasn't even the hard part; you still have to search for your dream job.

August 01, 2016

Icon of the Moment: Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez captured America's heart as the titular cute, quirky, and likeable Jane Villanueva in Jane the Virgin with her character antics and gorgeous outfit choices.  Always presenting her fun-filled personality and a little bit of spice wherever she steps, but do you know her outside her role?  

Here are four reasons why Gina Rodriguez is an icon in the making: