September 24, 2016

September 23, 2016

Icons Who Also Struggled in Their 20'S

The twenties are the years for self-exploration and enhancement. We tend to figure out that those dreams won't come quite as easy but neither is life. Now, there have been rare cases of 20-year-olds who just don't struggle. However, until one of us develop the next Facebook or social media app it's perfectly fine to struggle and strive for your dreams. Don't you believe me? I realized our icons and heroes struggled even harder than us in their 20s. So here is some kick in the butt inspiration to never stop dreaming.

September 18, 2016

The Importance of Cleaning Out the Past

The past is something that we tend to always affect our present. We can say "no that's not true." but think about it, the past does allow us from stopping our greatness. whether it is in life, career, self-growth, and relationships. The past is something we need to clean out in order to let ourselves heal and grow. Personal story time....

September 15, 2016

Too Avant Garde? Hood By Air SS/17

Hood By Air is highly admired by the hip hop fashion minds of ASAP Rocky & Kanye West. However, I can't vibe with some of the pieces presented in the SS17. Now before you street style enthusiast get upset with me, let me say my thoughts. The presentation featured limited diversity for a brand proclaimed "hood" and I think that made me a little on edge for a second.

Overly Infatuated: Michael Kors Collection SS/17

Michael Kors is the man that seems to always add a little bit of playful fun to his collections. This season we can expect a 60's revival and a little bit of mod chic fun. Playful florals and oversized collars maybe in your closet when seeking this collection.